1978 Mercury Grand Marquis Photos

By Chad Hauris: Updated 1/12/08. Check out the Restoration Journal for technical information, restoration and performance updates on the car.

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Here is a 1978 Mercury Grand Marquis that I bought in late October 2004. It has a 400 CID engine with 2-barrel Motorcraft carburetor, air conditioning, and 8-track player. Total cost including tax, title, and tags was $940.

Here is a picture of the engine compartment in Dec. 2004 or Jan. 2005:

Marquis Engine with new components

Engine compartment with new radiator hoses, heater hoses, fuel pump, voltage regulator and air intake hose, taken 3/26/05. Click for larger view.

Engine, Sept. '05

Engine compartment with new alternator, 9/4/05. The AC compressor clutch seized so I removed the belt going to it.

Valve cover.

Valve cover, 9/4/05. I intend to sometime install new spark plug wires as it is using some wires salvaged from other vehicles. The A/C magnetic clutch connector is disconnected.

Rear of car.

Rear of car, 9/4/05. The left turn signal/taillamp is a retrofit to meet standards for the state inspection as the original was broken when I bought it...I would eventually like to find an exact replacement lens but they are pretty scarce.

1978 Mercury Grand Marquis valve cover
Valve cover and old gasket, 8/20/06

1978 Mercury Grand Marquis Rocker Arms
Rocker Arms, 8/20/06

1978 Mercury Grand Marquis Valve Cover Reinstalled
Valve cover cleaned and replaced with new gasket.

New Mercury carburetor, view 1.
New carburetor, view 1.

1978 Mercury carburetor, view 2.
New carburetor, view 2.

1978 Mercury Grand Marquis auxiliary gauge panel
New gauge panel installed (March 2007)

This car has:
New alternator, alternator belt, voltage regulator, and battery
New heater hoses, radiator hoses, and rubber fuel lines
New fuel pump
Brakes, suspension, steering completely overhauled, front end alignment
New valve cover gaskets
All new tires
New carburetor
New spark plugs and spark plug wires
New radiator and thermostat
New battery cables and starter relay

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