1990 Mercury Grand Marquis

By Chad Hauris, Updated 7/26/05

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This car was purchased in 2002 for $625. It had about 80,000 miles on it at time of purchase. Its low price was due to body damage to the fiberglass fascia. I was able to re-attach the grill and mount the headlights to get it functional again, but am planning to take it to the body shop and get the damage professionally repaired.

This vehicle has been quite reliable overall and is still driving well with 110,000 miles on it. Some of the problems I have had with it include: oil leakage due to blow-by gases entering the crankcase. This was solved by fixing the PCV system. The air conditioning was functional when I bought the car but has since quit...an AC repairman says it needs a new compressor and that to get it fixed would be $1000. I don't need air conditioning that badly! It has also needed new heater hoses and a new heater blower motor...I was able to salvage that from a scrap Marquis. A new muffler and tailpipe was recently installed. The oil and filter have been changed every 2000 miles.

Also, it has had new tires. One thing to watch out for on used cars is bad tires. The tires that used to be on this car looked fine...tread looked good, no cracks or obvious damage. However, I ended up with a blow-out 6 hours from home when the tread separated from one of the tires. Thankfully I was able to control the car to get it off the road and change the tire. I would recommend getting brand new tires if you buy any older car, even if the tires on it look OK.