AMI Model K Cabinet Repairs

Updated 8-2-05

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There were some cosmetic parts missing from our model K including the speaker grill, light diffuser inside the top, and the shield over the mechanism. We are most concerned about good mechanical operation and were not willing to spend the very high prices on exact-replacement cosmetic parts, so we decided to make our own replacements, making sure that the style was in keeping with the originals.

Here is how the cabinet looked when we got it.

AMI Model K "before"

We needed to fabricate a speaker grill frame to attach the grill cloth to. Here is the frame, constructed of plywood:

Wooden frame for speaker grill

Here is a test of new grill cloth.

Speaker grill installed

We have also repaired the lamp wiring to the upper fluorescent lamp and installed a new bulb. There was originally a diffuser up there over the lamp. We have been able to use a green theatrical gel to wrap around the lamp, giving a nice green glow (pictures to come.)

AMI with fluorescent lamps operating.

Here is the AMI with the lower fluorescent lamp working, and in place in the Retro-lab.  We have added a metal trim plate to the bottom to cover the unfinished bottom area.

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