AMI Model "K" Restoration

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By Chad Hauris: Updated 8/2/05

In the summer of 2004 we were able to find some jukeboxes that had been stored in a barn for some time. These were jukeboxes that were mostly scrap units that had many parts removed from them. However we did find some that offered some promise of restoration: A Seeburg LS-2 and a AMI model JAK-200, or just model K for short. The Seeburg was fairly the contacts, lubrication, and new phono needles got it going good. However the AMI was missing several parts: the turntable, turntable mount, and turntable motor, and some cosmetic parts. Click on the photos to go to each section of the restoration story:

AMI Cabinet Repair Page

Cabinet Restoration Page

AMI Amp repair page

 Amp Repair Page

AMI Selection System

 AMI Model K Selection System Page.

AMI Mechanism Page

 Mechanism Page. More information about the turntable is on the Turntable Page.

AMI speakers "before".

View of speakers before restoration: click picture for larger view.

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