Arborphone Radio Photos
By Chad Hauris, Retro Electronics and Audio Lab, Midland, TX. Updated 3/17/06

1927 Arborphone Radio. This radio uses 5 type 01A tubes. We are working on constructing a power supply for the Arborphone. It uses 6 volts for the "A" filament supply, 22.5 volts for the detector plate supply, and 90 volts for the "B" plate supply.
Photos: Under-Chassis view. Testing the chassis. Testing the chassis, with speaker and power supply.
For more information on the power supply, see the Battery Radio Power Supply page.

We  later constructed a new power supply for the radio. John got a power supply kit from Antique Electronic Supply, model K-101 A, and constructed in on perf-board and mounted it in a cabinet.
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Power supply kit circuit board assembled.
Here is the power supply kit assembled in the case. The original kit has directions for wiring it up on a wooden "breadboard" chassis in the 1920's style, however we felt that assembling it on a circuit board and putting it in a case made it better looking, and more importantly, safer. The supply provides a choice of B supply voltages from 22.5-135 (our Arborphone uses the 22.5 and 90 volt taps), a regulated, variable A filament supply (which we have set to 5 volts) and a regulated, variable negative C voltage (which is not needed for the Arborphone).

Finshed 1920's radio power supply.
Finshed power supply. We used some retro-style cloth covered cables for the power leads (they have modern plastic insulation inside).

John testing the power supply.
John testing the power supply.

Testing the Arborphone radio.
Test setup on the Arborphone with new power supply.

John tuning in the Arborphone.
Tuning in the Arborphone.

Arborphone and Radiola speaker.
Arborphone and Radiola speaker with power supply

.Close-up of Arborphone.
Closeup of the Arborphone.

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