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Updated 9/20/05

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1970's Cavalier Coca-Cola Machine. This machine has 5 slots for cans. This will be used at our shop and we are in the process of repairing it. This is one of the HEAVIEST things we have ever had to move! We will probably take the mechanism out and save it, and install shelves to keep soda cold and just get it manually. It does really keep things cold.

I have begun working on getting the Coca-cola lamp working. There appears to be 110 volts AC present and a new ballast did not help. I got the lamp assembly out with some difficulty and will begin troubleshooting it

Photos: Coke Machine on the truck,  Coke Machine in place near the door.   Hasp installed on door.  

Fluorescent lamp unit in machine during testing.

1976 Chicago Coin Shoot-Out. This is an Old West styled shooting game that is a lot more fun that the modern digital gun games we've seen.When we started working on the game, the play cycle would not start. We traced that back to trouble with the anti-cheat relay. Some other relay contacts needed cleaned, also the score reels needed cleaning and lubrication.We added a grounded power plug and ground wires to the gun and coin door to prevent electrical shocks.Unfortunately we did not take a picture of the one brought to us for service, but here is a link to some good pictures of the game. Chicago Coin Shoot-Out Info.

1950's Marvel Shuffle-Score. This is an electric scoreboard for use with shuffleboard games. There is a red and a blue score tally, one for each player. The unit works with solenoids advancing a ratchet wheel that turns a wiper around switch contacts to light the appropriate score lamps, advancing when the button is pushed. There is also a coiled spring that builds up spring tension as the wheel advances. To reset the score, there is another solenoid that releases the spring tension. We added a new power cord and power switch, a new cord to the score buttons and new buttons, a new reset switch, lubricated the score wheels and cleaned the contacts, replaced some bulbs and wiring, and installed 2 amp fuses in the fuse clips. Pictures: Shuffle-Score Outside with Score Buttons, Shuffle-Score Inside

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