Barstow, Texas Photos
by John Southwell and Chad Hauris
Photos from March 2005: Updated 12/17/05

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In March 2005 we had to go to Pecos on a service call. Barstow is the nearest town to Pecos, between Pecos and Pyote on Hwy. 80. There are still some residents of the town, but the main street is very reminiscent of an Old West ghost town. Buildings have been abandoned with all furnishings inside...the only real degradation of the buildings has been due to the passage of time.
Downtown Barstow, TX.
The main street of Barstow.

Barstow Restaurant inside.
This is an old cafe or general store in Barstow. There was still vegetable oil left in the fryer!
This store was called the Modern Food Market as can be seen in a photo we found on the internet, at the bottom of this page.

Bank in Barstow, TX.
The old Ward County Bank in Barstow. Orginally, Barstow was the county seat of Ward County, but it is now Monahans.

While searching the web we found some more photos of Barstow on this site:

As that is a "free" site and sometimes these sites disappear we decided to copy some of the photos here, as the Retro website is a permanent historical archive that will continue perpetually.

Barstow stores.
Here is a view from sometime in the past of the stores pictured at the top of this page.

Barstow School
This is an old school building in Barstow, however it does not appear to exist any more.

Barstow cotton gin.
Old Cotton gin.

Baptism in Barstow
Baptism in a creek in Barstow from around 1911.

Barstow Gas station.
Gas station on Hwy. 80 in appears to still be standing.

Here is a link to the Texas Escapes site about Barstow.

Here is a website with historical information about Ward County.

We will have more pictures when we go through the area again.

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