About the B Street Studios
by Chad Hauris, B Street Studios, Midland, TX. 12/25/05

The B Street Studios grew out of a desire to expand the physical plant of Retro Electronics and Audio Lab into more space, plus provide space for other allied ventures. The Studios house the administrative offices of our Company, headed by Robbie Elliott. Also provided is a complete geoscience research office for John Southwell.

One remarkable feature of the studios is a complete radio station control room, using the old equipment of KJBC, Midland. Adjacent to the control room is a recording studio, complete with piano. The control room features 2 Ampro rotary fader audio boards, ITC, Gates, and Audi-Cord cart players, 2 16 inch Gates Turntables, and Ampex 351 Tape Recorders. The radio program "Goldrush" featuring a variety of good old fashioned music which airs on KOCV 91.3 FM, is produced here.
The recording studio features a Gulbransen upright piano.

The building at 204 South B Street in Midland started life as an insurance office, then was a property tax consultant's office.

The B Street Studios grew from the attitude that founded our company, one of historical preservation and appreciation of technology and music, of believing in a vision and that, given resources and ingenuity, nothing is impossible!

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