Capehart 24" Black and White TV
By Chad Hauris, Retro Electronics and Audio Lab, Midland, TX, 11/26/05

Robbie got this TV from an estate sale. It appears to be from the late 1950's...we will have the model number information in the future. This was an estate sale of an old TV repairman and we were able to find other electronic devices as well.

Capehart TV before repairs.
This is the TV as received before repairs.

Close-up of screen.
Closeup of screen. Top large knob is for channel and bottom is for volume.

Chassis, view 1.
View of the flyback and power transformer. This set appears to be of high-quality construction, using a 6CD6GA horizontal output tube and 2 5U4 rectifiers.

Complete chassis view.
Complete view of the chassis. He left a lot of spare tubes inside! I am not sure what that extra transformer on the side is, it appears to be a retrofit. It may be an additional filament transformer to keep the tubes warm for "instant on"...have not determined definitely though.

Documents for new flyback transformer and new picture tube. The picture tube (Channel Master) was installed in 1964.

Testing the Capehart.
We put the TV on the short-check series lamp and it did not appear to have a short, so we went with the full power test. CRT appears good but horizontal is off. Like all old tube equipment, it will need old capacitors replaced to get back good performance.

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