Historical Sights and Architecture Across West Texas
by Chad Hauris, Retro Electronics and Audio Lab, Midland TX. 2/21/06, Updated 7/2/06

In Feb. 2005 I traveled across West Texas and had my new digital camera with me. Here are some of the sights I saw on the trip.
If anyone can offer more information about the buildings and sights seen here, please email us at
retroaudiolab@yahoo.com and we will include it.

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I first traveled from Midland to Big Spring. Big Spring was once one of West Texas' most prosperous cities but seems to have fallen on hard times recently.

First, here is the 1978 Grand Marquis parked on the Big Spring town square. (Click the photos for larger views).

1978 Grand Marquis in Big Spring Texas

The first thing that caught my sight was the Petroleum Building. The building appears to be vacant, though still in fairly good condition. It may have been built at about the same time as Midland's Petroleum Building, in the late 1920's.

Big Srping Petroleum Building

Engraved sign above the door of the Petroleum Building:

Engraved Petroleum Building Sign

Next I walked down the street and saw an old bank building which also appeared vacant:

Old bank building in Big Spring

Turning the corner, you can see the main entrance of the bank building:

Front view of old bank building

Across the street is the old Big Spring hardware store. It is now an antique shop which is heated by a woodburning stove.

Old Big Spring hardware store

Further down the street is this old brick and stone building. The Hotel Settles can be seen in the background.

Old brick and stone building in Big Spring

1950's style pavilion and Antique shop. This shop specializes in war surplus and military antiques.

Retro pavilion and antique store in Big Spring

Old theater that is now a bail bonds office. There were several bondsmens' offices around the courthouse, some of which had gone defunct.

Bail Bonds office that was once a theater in Big Spring.

Here is another old theater in Big Spring that I believe is still operating. This was taken through the car windshield.

Theater in Big Spring

Hotel Settles in Big Spring. This 15-story hotel was built in 1930 but is now defunct, though there are plans to restore it. It closed in the late 1970's or early 80's.
Here is a Texas Escapes article with more photos of the hotel.

Odessa American Newspaper article about hotel restorations

Hotel Setlles in Big Spring

Bottom floors of the hotel:

Bottom floors of the Hotel Settles in Big Spring

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2. International Loadstar 1600 truck and 1970's Dodge Van in Coahoma, Texas

3. Colorado City, Texas

4. Decatur, Texas (Coming Soon)
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