B Street Studios Construction And Remodeling:
Control Room Carpentry Work
by Chad Hauris,
B Street Studios, Midland, Texas, 12/3/05, updated 12/18/05

The B Street control room uses much of the old equipment of KJBC, Midland. It will have a production control board, a main audio control board, 2 16" turntables, Ampex tape recorders, Gates Cart players, and more. Please click the pictures for larger views.

Control room counter work

Constructing the counter and cabinets.
John with Robert the carpenter.

More work on the counter.

Acoustic tiles.

More counter construction.

John with control room tiles.

Speaker mounting board.
Speaker mounting board from KJBC studio.

Production board.
Production board.

Control room counter laminate.
Installing the laminate on the control room counter.

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