B Street Studio Construction And Remodeling:
Control Room Electronics Installation
by Chad Hauris, Retro Electronics and Audio Lab, Midland, Texas, 12/18/05, updated 1/28/05

The B Street control room uses much of the old equipment of KJBC, Midland. It has a production control board, a main audio control board, 2 16" turntables, Ampex tape recorders, cart players, and more. Here are pictures of the electronics installation in the control room. Please click the pictures for larger views.

Testing Ampro audio board, view 1.
Here is the Ampro board at the beginning of installation. When it was removed from KJBC, they just cut all the wires, so we removed all the old wire stubs from the terminals.

Chad with board.
Chad testing the board for the first time. We needed to replace the monitor amp output transistors, which are 2N3055's. This is a mono board with program and audition channels.

Chad testing board, view 2.
Here is another view of the Ampro board, before installation of the Gates turntables in the counter.

Control room test.
Testing the Ampro board.

Mounting the speaker box.
Mounting the rear part of the speaker box.

Chad with Ampro board at beginning of installation.
Chad with Ampro board, as it was first set down in the control room.

Ampro board wiring before installation.
The wiring in this board was an awful mess! When it was removed they just cut all the wires. We also neede d to replace the transistors shown here (they are for the monitor speaker amp).

Ampro board wiring before installation, 2
More messy wiring in the board before installation.

Chad working on Gates 16 inch turntable.
Chad working on Gates turntables.

Chad using heat gun to shrink heat shrink tubing,
Using the heat gun to shrink the heat shrink tubing while re-wiring the motor.

Gates turntable finished.
Gates turntable, repairs finshed. We installed new capacitors, and added new grounded power cords. The terminal strip connects to the start/stop relay.

Internal wiring of Ampro board.
Here is the inside of the Ampro board showing the modules. Also, one of the Gates turntables can be seen.

Chad working on the Ampro board.
Chad working on the installation.

Chad with new Shure Unidyne mic.
Chad with the new Shure Unidyne mic at the the shop.

John with Shure Unidyne mic.
John with new Shure Unidyne mic.

John assembling speaker panel with Jensen Vibranto speaker.
John installs the Jensen Vibranto speaker into the speaker panel.

John installing Jensen speaker.

Chad with Ampex 351 tape machine.
Looking through control room window at Chad with Ampex 351 tape machine.

Testing the Gates 16 inch turntables.
Testing the Gates turntables. We installed a relay system for activating the turntable motors from the board through start and stop buttons. These 16 inch turntables are equipped with Rek-O-Cut tonearms and Stanton 500 cartridges.

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