RCA CTC-30 Color TV
by Chad Hauris, 11/2/05

We went to an estate sale in October 2005 and found some interesting TV's, including an RCA CTC-30. This was one of the top-of-the-line models from RCA in around 1968. Click the pictures for larger views.

Chad and ctc-30
Here I am trying to tune in a picture on the CTC-30. It uses a motorized automatic tuning system that can be programmed to only stop at active channels: however, it does not have a remote control.

Control Panel
The control panel. The button at the top under the volume and brightness knobs activates the channel motors. It has seperate motors for VHF and UHF but the UHF has a problem. There is a control for dimming the panel lamps and picture sharpness along with the usual controls.

Chassis. This was kept in pristine condition. It needed the first IF tube replaced and the 3A3 HV rectifier reseated to work right.

The set has an all new black-matirx 23VANP22 CRT installed in 1980. Color is very good. We will have photos of a color picture soon.

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