Decca 45 RPM Record Changer with Built In Amp Restoration
by Chad Hauris, Retro Electronics and Audio Lab, Midland, Texas, 3/2/06, updated 4/2/06

John is working on rebuilding this Decca 45 unit. It uses RCA components. The changer has been completely disassembled and the amp has received a new power cord, new 50L6 tube, and a new power resistor.
Please click the photos for larger views.

Underside of Decca 45 RPM player before repairs.
Underside of unit before repairs. It uses a 35Z5, 12SQ7, and 50L6 tubes.

Underside of Decca 45 turntable before repairs.
Underside of turntable before repairs. The motor power leads will be repaired with heat-shrink tubing.

Decca 45 RPM player amp before repairs.
Amp before repairs.

Decca (RCA) 45 changer underside view before repairs.
Working on the underside of the turntable.

Disassembled Decca turntable.
The turntable was completely disassembled and cleaned. The rubber cycling wheel was repaired by super-gluing a new rubber belt over the worn surface. The motor rubber drive wheel was replaced with a reconditioned unit.

Decca 45 RPM turntable motor.
Rebuilt phono drive wheel.

Decca 45 rpm player phono motor.
Testing the phono motor.

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