Big Sky Drive-In Grand Opening, 10/19/05
By Chad Hauris. 11/2/05

The Big Sky Drive-In opened Weds. Oct. 19, 2005. The opening had been pushed back several times due to construction and sewer problems but now it was finally open. Myself and John & Robbie and Robbie's sister and her daughters attended. It was so exciting for me as I had not been to a drive-in since 1983. Click pictures for larger views.

Big Sky Sign
Tonight's double features were "The Fog" and "Corpse Bride" on screen 1 and "Just Like Heaven" and "Into The Blue" on screen 2.

Before the movie.
Cars started gathering about 6:45 PM for the show.

Car and lawnchair.
Here is my lawnchair set up before the show. Sound was broadcast on FM radio, so the portable radio is ready to go.

Chad at drive-in.
Here I am enjoying my taste treats before the show begins. I had a Chihuahua sandwich (2 Tortillas, taco meat, pimento cheese, and lettuce), Nachos with chili and cheese, Sour Patch Kids, Dr Pepper, and hot popcorn.

Drive-in film on screen.
Here is the film playing on the screen. The picture was bright and well focused, although it's kind of hard to take a good picture of it.

Leaving the drive-in.
Leaving the drive-in.

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