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Retro Electronics and Audio Lab, Midland, TX. 6/27/07

In addition to Hammond, we have also successfully repaired Baldwin, Kimball, Lowrey, and Allen organs.

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Allen Digital Computer Organ: part of Chad's collection. You can also see a Hammond BC in the photo.

Allen Digital Computer organ at Midland Lutheran Church: this is one of the original Allen computer organs from 1971. Chad plays this organ at church on Sundays. Front view.  Stop tabs 1.  Stop tabs 2.  Stop tabs 3.  ML church sanctuary.
1958 Baldwin Orga-Sonic:
This organ had many capacitors replaced in the amp, percussion, and tone control chassis. New woofers were installed. A new 12AU7 tube was needed in the A#/B generator circuit. Controls and pedal key switches were all cleaned.  Front View, Rear view with amp and tone generator module disconnected, Amp closeup view, Amp on the bench for repair. Amp re-installed in organ for testing. Replacing Capacitors in the Percussion Chassis.

Early 1970's Baldwin Cinema II: This organ had distortion in the F# keys below a certain pitch level. Someone had soldered on a aftermarket connection to the F# tone generator board...removing the connection restored the proper tone quality. We also fixed a ciphering note in the pedal. Front View, Chad checking inside the Baldwin.

1977 Lowrey Magic Genie 44 Upon an evaluation at the client's house, there was hum and only very feeble sound when the keys were played. I figured it was bad capacitors, and I was right. We checked the can filter caps with the ESR meter and found that one can had very high ESR and was also bulging. We replaced all the caps in the amp/power supply and upgraded the power supply caps to higher capacitance values and voltage ratings.

We used an innovative solution to replace the caps...there was not enough room under the chassis, so we installed a Radio Shack mini-box on top of the chassis and installed terminal strips in it, and put the new filter caps in it. The result is a safe, neat, straightforward installation.

The new caps brought back good performance of the Lowrey.

Photos: Rear view before repairs.  Amp chassis before repairs (underside).  New capacitors installed.

Rear view, repairs completed.  Front view.  Another front view.
Wurlitzer tube-type organ. We took in this organ as a trade-in as it will need extensive work and the client wanted a more modern organ with percussion and rhythm. It uses 12FQ8 tubes in the tone generators which are very unusual...I have never seen these tubes before. They are twin double-plate triodes. Here is some more information about the 12FQ8. Hope none of these tubes are bad! The amp uses a conventional 6L6 and 5U4 setup.


Front view.

Wurlitzer 2-manual Amplified Reed Organ. I went to look at this organ to see if I would like to buy it and am still thinking about it. It is a large sized 2 manual and pedal organ with AGO spec pedals from the late 1940's or early 50's. It uses air-operated reeds which, when vibrating, change the capacitance in a circuit. This change in capacitance is translated into an audio tone. It seems to work somewhat but would need new capacitors and wiring repair. The speaker cabinet has rotating paddles to produce a Leslie-like effect.

Console front view.  Stops view 1, Swell and Pedal.  Stops view 2, Great.  Pedals.  Speaker Cabinet  Nameplate

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