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Retro Electronics and Audio Lab, Midland, TX. Updated 3/10/07

Retro Electronics Home Page

Custom-built equipment from Retro:

Custom Air Conditioner Control Circuit We made this unit at Retro to control the control room air conditioning of KOCV Radio in Odessa.

Power supply for 1920's radio. A power supply that provides plate and filament voltages for a 1927 Arborphone radio.

On-Air Lamp Controller  Interfaces a classic 1940's RCA On-Air lamp to a new Arrakis audio board at KJBC Radio.

Special detailed articles about equipment restoration:

1960 AMI Model K Jukebox Restoration Read the complete illustrated story of our restoration work on our AMI jukebox.

Recycling and refurbishing old computers  Getting classic computers and thrift-store PC's operating again using open-source software.

Automatic Photo Resizing Script for Linux (1/18/06)
Events and new developments at our shop:

B Street Studio New Home Page (12/26/05)

B Street Studio Construction See photos of the control room, office, bar, and lab construction at our new studio at 204 S. B street in Midland.

Texas Recycles Day, 2005  Another great year for reusing and preserving electronic equipment.

New recording studio for Retro Electronics (Sept. 2005) See pictures of the new additional building which will house Retro's recording studio plus additional business ventures. Also read about moving the Gulbransen piano into the studio.

TV Feature on CBS-7! We were featured on Sam Conn's "On The Trail" segment on KOSA-TV Channel 7 on Feb. 20, 2005.

Additional buildings for Retro Electronics We are looking at purchasing additional buildings down the street to expand space for preservation and operation of electronic and musical equipment.

Texas Recycles Day 2004 We participated in the Recycling Day in Midland in recycling and reusing old electronic equipment.

Christmas 2004 at Retro We began our "hanging of the greens" on Nov. 29 with lights inside and outside and an aluminum Christmas tree.

Piano Move, Dec. 2004 We recently moved a large upright piano using our Tommy Lift Truck

Community and Historical articles:

West Building Office (March 2007)

Pana, Illinois Photo Gallery (January, 2007)

Historic Permian Building in Midland, Texas. This 1933 building is being torn down in 2007.

Feature article and photo essay of West Texas Historical Sights Come along with Chad in the 1978 Mercury Grand Marquis for a glimpse of West and North Texas small towns, historical artifacts, and architecture. We will visit Big Spring, Colorado City, Coahoma, Denton, Decatur, Weatherford, and Baird. (Feb. 2006)

New Radio Station Historical Audio Clips Page

Trip to Monahans and Pecos including photos of the Million Barrel Museum

West Texas Wildflowers A look at some of the beautiful wildflowers of our West Texas region.

Fitzco Vintage Equipment Collection  A local professional sound company has a collection of vintage audio equipment.

Old Sorehead Trade Days, Stanton, Texas April 2005 A photo essay of this local festival.

Old Sorehead Trade Days Photo Essay, Oct. 2005

Pictures of Barstow, Texas The downtown area has become an old West ghost town.

KJBC 1150 AM Historical Information and Photos. Pictures of KJBC control room, staff, and equipment. The station is now using all new solid state equipment, and we are working to re-create the KJBC control room of the past with the old equipment at Retro. This will serve as a fully-functional radio/audio production studio.

Movies In Midland Look at pictures of old movie theaters and Drive Ins located in Midland of the past.

Permian Basin Jukebox Roundup: We are on a quest to find jukeboxes--particularly analog vinyl record type, still in operation in the region.


 Retro Electronics Home Page