FitzCo Vintage Equipment Collection
By Chad Hauris, 4/27/05; Updated 8/2/05

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Fitzco started business in Midland in the early 1980's as a broadcast equipment supplier. Today their focus is more on professional sound, lighting, and audio-visual installations. They provide the equipment and technicians for most events such as concerts requiring sound systems or video projection in the area. Fitzco's web site is

Fitzco also has a collection of equipment at their shop which comes from their early years and from radio stations and theaters in the area. Here are some pictures of it...thanks to rental manager Milt Hathaway for showing it to us. Click the pictures for larger views.

Ampex 351
Ampex 351 tape machine.

Custom amp and power supply
Custom-made amp and power supply, made at Fitzco...this system was used for the Summer Mummers when they performed at the American Legion hall.

Several Fitzco amps.
Masco PA amp, remote control boxes and small mixer.

More Fitzco amps.
Bogen amp and Altec microphone.

Variety of Fitzco equipment.
Zenith Trans-Oceanic, QRK turntable, and several reel-to-reels.

Gates turntable.
Gates 16" turntable.

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