GOLDRUSH radio program with Chad Hauris
Produced by B Street Studios

Years ago I worked at a radio station in Athens, Ohio and hosted a program called Goldrush, featuring old-fashioned music. That station now plays alternative rock and "AAA" music, but it gave me the idea to have such a radio program in the Permian Basin.

For 6 years on KOCV, 91.3 FM, Goldrush has provided the Permian Basin's best variety of music. We play classic country, rhythm and blues, jazz, folk, Spanish, French, and Italian music, Big Bands, easy listening,  pop music, and more! We draw from our library of thousands of 78 rpm records, 45's and LP's. Almost all of the music played is off records.

And...after 6 Years KOCV made the decision (their decision) to cancel the program. The last episode was Feburary 12, 2006. I will leave the playlists here to give you an idea of the kind of music that was played.

Goldrush playlist for program airing:
Sun. Feb. 5, 2006

Sun. Feb. 12, 2006

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