KJBC, 1150 AM, Midland, TX.

Historical Information and Photos

By Chad Hauris: Updated 12/27/05

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KJBC is Midland's second oldest radio station, having been founded in the 1940's. It operates during daylight hours with a power of 1000 watts. The station had been country, and then classic country, for many years. Click pictures for larger views.
Keith Ward at KJBC
Here, Keith Ward hosts the "Old Time Records Show". Keith worked with KJBC from 1949 until it was sold in 2000. The station had a large library of 78 rpm records which were often played on the air.

KJBC is now owned by the La Promesa Foundation, a non-profit Catholic group. The station now features religious programming with local shows, and programming from EWTN Global Catholic Radio. All new broadcast equipment has been installed. Here is a link to infomation about La Promesa and KJBC programming: La Promesa Information.

Matt Jolley, station manager of KJBC
Here is Matt Jolley, the new station manager of KJBC. You can see how the new equipment has been neatly installed and how the latest computer technology replaces the older equipment in a much smaller space. 

KJBC Gates transmitter
This is the transmitter area, which is at the back of the control room. The Gates tube type transmitter is only used as a backup now...the station is using a new solid state transmitter that sounds great. The large black space used to house a Gates 55 cart automatic cart player, and the smaller black space housed Ampex 350 tape machines. 

KJBC Equipment Storage
This is the KJBC storage room....all of the old equipment has been stored here. We are working with the cooperation of the station to re-create the old KJBC control room at Retro using the old equipment.

KJBC 16 inch turntables
Here are the 16" turntables...we have taken these to the Retro lab to begin working on our radio station control room.

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