Hammond L102 Organ Repair Journal
by Chad Hauris, Retro Electronics and Audio Lab, Midland, TX. 8/18/06

This Hammond L-102 had a problem of hum and weak audio plus bad wiring in the power cord. We installed new capacitors in the power supply/amp chassis and cleaned all the tube socket contacs. A new power cord, plug and fuse were installed. Please click the photos for larger views.

Hammond L-102 amp before repairs.
Amp before repairs.

Underside of L-102 amp before repairs.
Underside of amp before repairs.

Underside of Hammond L-102 amp after repairs.
Amp underside after repairs.

Top of L-102 amp after repairs.
Completed amp.

Rear of the L-102.
Testing the amp back in the organ. We also added some Hammond Organ generator oil.

Testing the L-102 organ.
John testing the L-102.

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