Seeburg M100C Jukebox Repair Journal, Photos and Videos
by Chad Hauris, Retro Electronics and Audio Lab, Midland TX. 2-5-08
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This Seeburg M100C was somewhat functional when it arrived but had very poor sound quality. We started by replacing the styli which were very worn. Many more problems were fixed as well!

Seeburg M100C before repairs.
Seeburg M100C before repairs.

Seeburg M100C mechanism before repairs.
Mechanism before repairs.

Seeburg amp and selection receiver before repairs.
Amp and selection receiver before repairs.

Old ballast on Seeburg M100c.
Here is the old ballast and power cord. The ballast had brittle old wiring on it and was replaced, along with a new power cord.

Seeburg M100C credit unit removed from chassis.
Here is the credit unit removed from the chassis. The credit wheel was very gummy, preventing selections from being properly made.

More photos and information to come!

YouTube Videos:
This first video is a closeup of the completed amp and selection receiver and you can hear the M100C playing "San Antonio Rose".

In the second YouTube video, I talk about the different repairs made on the M100C.

This video shows the operation of the completed M100C.

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