Magnavox Radio Photos
Updated 8/31/05

Early 1980's Magnavox Console.  This unit is in a cabinet and has the radio, 8-track, and phono behind the doors. It needed the controls cleaned, a new 8-track belt, and record changer service.
Pictures: Front of cabinet  Working on the unit, rear view  Front with doors open

Late 1940's or Early 1950's Magnavox console. The record changer needed a new cartridge and stylus and a general cleaning and lubrication. All new capacitors and a new power cord and fuse were installed...this is a very high quality unit and works very well.
Pictures:  Turntable in test position.  Rear of cabinet.  Field coil speaker.  Installing new capacitors.  Chassis on bench.

Old bakelite "bumblebee" caps before replacement. 

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