Motorola "Golden Voice" Radio-Phonograph Repair Journal and Photos
by Chad Hauris, Retro Electronics and Audio Lab, Midland, TX. 7/2/06

This Motorola from around 1958 had several problems. First of all, the record changer was in very poor shape mechanically. This is a VM unit and we were able to find an exact replacement which worked well from a Steelman console.
However there was also a power supply problem to the record changer which was very puzzling.

We found that there was a SPDT switch connected with the AM-FM-Phono function switch. When the switch was in the AM or FM position, 120 volt AC was supplied to the amplifier and also to the tuner chassis, which has a separate power transformer. When the switch was in the "Phono" position, power was removed from the tuner and fed to the phono. In this position, the power switch on the turntable also controlled the amp, to allow it to shut off after the records were done playing.

We devised an clever repair for the problem...which was, that only one pole of the switch was working, and power was never being fed to the phono. We installed a 110 volt AC relay into an octal socket in the space previously occupied by the old filter capacitor which we replaced. The AM-FM-Phono power switch portion now controlled the relay coil only. The 110 volt AC was then fed to the common terminal of the relay contacts, the phono power lead to the "normally closed" terminal and the tuner power lead to the "normally open".
Therefore with the function switch at "Phono"  the relay coil was off and the power flowed to the phono. With the switch to AM or FM, the relay coil energized and power was switched to the tuner.

We also replaced all capacitors in the amp and tuner sections. P;ease click the photos for larger views.

Motorola Golden Voice Radio-Phono.
Cabinet front view.

Motorola Golden Voice Hi-Fi controls.
Control panel. There is a tuning eye with a fan-shaped pattern in the dial.

Motorola 15kt24 amp chassis.
Replacing capacitors in the amp.

Testing the relay setup on the Motorola Hi-Fi
Testing the relay setup on the tuner and amp chassis.

Testing the Motorola.
Testing the tuner chassis with new capacitors.

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