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By Chad Hauris: Updated 11/2/05

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Due to our mission for preservation of old elecronic and musical equipment, we have amassed a large collection of equipment at Retro Electronics. Recently we saw some buildings for sale down the street and are looking into purchasing them for additional space for jukeboxes, pianos and organs, TV’s, and more. This will allow more equipment to be set up and operational rather than having to be just stored. Also, restoring the buildings is historical preservation and conservation in itself.

Update: 8/3/05: We have not been able to purchase the buildings yet but they are still on the horizon as possible expansion space for Retro.

Update: 11/2/05: We probably will not be buying these buildings as they will just be too small. We have set our sights BIGGER...much bigger! and are examining other sites.


Front of the building: It looks like an old general store.

Front room of the building.

Kitchen with old-fashioned cabinets.

Antique bathtub and commode in the restroom.

Another picture of the restroom.

Rear rooms of the building.

Electrical service.

Outside rear of the building.

There is also a small house for sale near the general store-type building. Rear of the house.