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Gulbransen upright piano. We bought this piano to go into our new recording studio which will be set up in the near future. Some notes were pretty far out of tune, such that you could hear three different tones so Chad is shown here doing a rough tuning to bring the notes back. The piano held the tuning so it should be stable enough to hold a good tuning.

We had Michael Sherrod do a tuning on this piano at the new studio...he does a very good job and we recommend him to anyone who needs piano tuning or repair (our specialty is on electronic organs).

Photos: Chad tuning the Gulbransen, wide view.  Close up view.

This piano is in use at our B street studio

Lester "Betsy Ross" spinet piano. This piano works well but the sustain pedal had got snapped off. As a temporary repair, we removed the center pedal (bass sustain) and retrofitted it to the sustain pedal position. A common failure mode of these pianos is the degradation of the plastic elbows used to couple motion from the key stickers to the action. However this one's elbows appear to be in good shape.


Front View   Broken pedal.  Chad working on pedals.  John working on pedals.  Completed pedals.  Plastic action elbows.

Player Piano on Truck. This piano responds to the roll but the keys do not all go down all the way. Very heavy and solidly built. We moved this out to Chad's house.

John playing a new piano: we recently got this piano from Helping Hands thrift store: it is in very good shape.

1957 Story And Clark piano with organ: Bringing it into the shop on the truck, Story and Clark tone generator (uses 70 tubes)

More Story and Clark piano/organ: Cleaning underneath the keys, Working on the piano action, Inside the tone generator chassis, "Symphonic Organ" decal, Speaker grill and power switch, Chad playing the Story and Clark

Gregory Bailey plays the Story and Clark piano with Organ

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