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Updated 10/3/06

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1937 Philco 37-610 Repair Journal This radio received new capacitors and some new wiring, a new power cord and fuse. The old output transformer and field coil were removed from the deteriorated old speaker and re-mounted, and a new speaker was installed.

1939 Philco 39-35 Repair Journal  This Philco had very badly disintegrated wiring. We replaced all of the wiring, repaired the power transformer, and replaced all paper and electrolytic capacitors.

1938 Philco 38-7 Radio Illustrated Repair Journal
This Philco was a challenging repair but it turned out to have great performance. It needed a new volume control, new capacitors, a new convertor tube socket, power cord and fuseholder, and new wiring to the speaker. (June 2006)

1950 Philco Radio/Phono.  This unit would only produce a little noise from the speaker when turned on. We replaced all the capacitors and tested the tubes...there is good audio when injecting a test signal at the volume control, but no RF pickup. We found there was no voltage at the oscillator tube, and this was traced to a mis-connected capacitor. Repairing this fault, and aligning the IF stages, restored very good FM and AM performance.
Photos: Chassis top view before repairs.  Chassis underside before capacitor replacement. 

Chad aligning the Philco.  Philco chassis installed in cabinet.   Turntable idler wheel.   Turntable with platter off.

Completed turntable.  Phono cartridge.  Tone Arm.  Underside of turntable.

Turntable playing a record.  Front of the cabinet, being tested.   Chad aligning the Philco in the cabinet.

1930's Philco Cathedral Radio. This radio actually works on its original parts, but we will restore it to improve reliability and safety. Front View.

1937 Philco. (Likely model 37-610) We restored the electronics on this radio, and a local cabinet shop refinished the woodwork. This radio needed all new capacitors, a new power cord and fuse holder, a new power switch and tone control, and a new speaker. The replacement speaker we used needed a little repair to the cone.
 Photos: Completed Front View. Repairing the Speaker.

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