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Decca 45 RPM Phonograph Repair Journal Decca 45 RPM Changer with Amp (March 2005) This unit uses RCA components.

RCA 45 Changer Repair RCA 45 Changer Repair Journal, Jan. 2006

Silvertone Syntronic 1950's Turntable Repair Dec. 2005. Includes photos of motor, idler, cartridge, and testing.

RCA 1-tube phono. This unit had all capacitors replaced, a new cartridge, and motor grommets replaced.
Photos: Underside before repairs.  John working on the amp.  Playing a record.

RCA 45-rpm phono with built-in amp.
This unit needed changer cleaning/lubrication, a new phono cartridge, new capacitors, and a bad solder joint repaired at the 50C5 cathode resistor.
Photos: Underside of turntable.   New Phono Cartridge.   Amp chassis.   Amp with new capacitors.   John measuring voltage.

1960's Motorola record changer, needed cleaning, lubrication, and adjustment. Photos: Underside, view 1.  Underside, view 2.  Completed unit.

V-M Portable phono with RCA style 45 only changer.

On June 6, 2005 there was an estate sale in the area that featured several types of wind-up acoustic phonos including 2 Edison Cylinder players, a Gem horn-type cylinder player, 2 Victrola VV-VI models, a Harmony horn-type that used large center hole records, and a Victor Orthophonic. I bought one of the Victor VV-VI models for $100 and it works well. I was also able to get some pictures of the other machines:

Harmony Horn-type phono top view  Harmony horn-type side view  Harmony Nameplate This unit sold during the 50% off last day of the sale for $175.00.

Edison cylinder machine #1  Edison cylinder machine #2  These machines needed some work and sold for $100 each.

Victor model VV-VI Front view.  Victor nameplate This is the machine I bought: according to some internet research on the serial number, it was made in 1924.

1950's Philco small console phono.

Robbie Elliott working on a 1960's Admiral portable phono

Library of Congress Talking Book Phono This is a very well-built portable phono made by Westinghouse. It can play 8, 16, and 33 RPM only. Bought in Alamogordo, New Mexico when Chad was on vacation.

1975 Acoustic Phono You've got to see this to believe it! Someone thought it would work to use a Victrola-type pickup and steel needle on a phonograph with only 33 and 45 speeds! I don't see how this could work without destroying the records. The old 1900's-1920's 78's included abrasives so that they were harder than the steel needles used and so the needle would wear to fit the grooves. Using steel needles on vinyl records will wear them out fast.

1950's RCA New Orthophonic Phonograph: Turntable, Amp, Inside of the Amp. The New Orthophonic has received some more repair work and is now in the testing stage: Here is a picture of it assembled and operating.

1950's RCA New Orthophonic: Inside of the cabinet with components removed.

J.C. Penney Battery Operated Radio/Phono This unit just needed cleaning and some fresh lubrication.

1950's Silvertone radio-phono This unit received a full restoration including all new capacitors, a new tube, and service on the record changer.

1953 Motorola Radio-Phono This unit received new capacitors, a new power cord, and service on the record changer. It uses a 50Y6 tube in a voltage-doubler circuit for the power supply. 1953 Motorola Chassis before repairs.