1964 Plymouth Savoy
by Chad Hauris, Retro Electronics and Audio Lab, Midland, TX. 5/28/06

This 1964 Plymouth is the latest addition to the Retro vehicle fleet. John got it from the Salvation Army.

Front view of 1964 Plymouth Savoy.
The Savoy was the basic model of the 1964 Plymouths, having the least amount of ornamentation. The middle model was the Belvedere, and the fanciest model was the Fury.

Rear view of 1964 Plymouth Savoy.
Rear view.

1964 Plymouth dashboard.
Dashboard. This was the final year for the pushbutton Chrysler automatic transmission, located to the left. The heater/AC controls would be at the right sides of the gauges but this car will need a new AC control panel.

1964 Plymouth speedometer and gauges.
Speedometer, ammeter, and oil pressure warning light.

Push-button transmission controls.
Push-button transmission, fuel and temperature gauges, headlights and wiper switch.

1964 Plymouth with hood open.
Front view of 1964 Plymouth with hood open.

1964 Plymouth 318 v-8 engine.
318 V-8 engine.

Side view of engine.
Side view of engine... There appear to have been some recent repairs done including a new alternator and voltage regulator and a rebuilt carburetor. It uses a very small 2 barrel carb.

Brake master cylinder.
We had Midland Frame and Wheel repair the steering, suspension system, and brakes. A new master cylinder was installed. This car has 4 wheel non-power-assisted drum brakes and manual steering.

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