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Updated 9/12/05

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Late 1920's or early 30's RCA Radiola. John found this radio at an antique shop on vacation. It appears to be in fairly good physical condition. Have not gotten to work on it yet.
Pictures: Front view of cabinet before repairs  Rear of cabinet before repairs.

Mid-1970's RCA Radio/Phono console. 
This unit needed cleaning, lubrication, and adjustment of the turntable. There was intermittent sound in the left channel, and we tracked this down to an intermittent connection in one of the audio output capacitors. (1000 mfd). At first we thought it was just a bad solder joint...however, the cap showed no ESR reading when tested, so it was replaced.

Photo: Amp on bench for repairs.

RCA 45-rpm phono with built-in amp.
This unit needed changer cleaning/lubrication, a new phono cartridge, new capacitors, and a bad solder joint repaired at the 50C5 cathode resistor.
Photos: Underside of turntable.   New Phono Cartridge.   Amp chassis.   Amp with new capacitors.   John measuring voltage.

1940's RCA console.
This radio has severe cabinet damage due to rain...we will likely rebuild it into a table radio.
Photos: Front of cabinet.  Nipper decal on door.

Late 1940's RCA console.
This unit had its 78-rpm only phono replaced with a VM unit.
Photos: Front View.

1940's RCA console. 
Has AM/FM radio, and phono. Has been painted blue.

Photos: Front View before restoration  Amp before restoration.

Early 1950's RCA Console.
This console has separate phonographs for 45, and 33 and 78, and has an AM/FM Radio.

The chassis has had all new capacitors installed and most of the tubes were weak and were replaced. Both of the turntables have been restored.
Photos: Front view before restoration.  Rear view of console.  Testing theRadio Chassis. 
Cabinet with phonographs removed.   Chassis with old capacitors. 
RCA turntables removed from console before restoration.  The 78/33 turntable shows a lot of rust.
John working on 33/78 turntable.  45 rpm turntable idler wheel.  Working on the 33/78 turntable idler wheel.
33/78 rpm turntable operating.  45 RPM turntable reinstalled in cabinet.  33/78 RPM turntable reinstalled in cabinet.
John replacing dial cord.    John with completed unit.
Front view of completed unit.

1950's or 60's RCA Kit Radio.
This radio may have been built as a project for a correspondence course in radio for RCA Institutes. It uses a 6X5 rectifier, 6K6 power output, 6AV6 detector, 6BA6 I.F, 6SA7 convertor, and 6BA6 RF amp.

Photos: Front Chassis View.

Late 1940's RCA Radio/45 RPM phono.
This unit had all capacitors replaced on the radio chassis, plus repairs to the record changer, and a new phono cartridge and stylus.

Photos: Chassis, John working on the 45 changer, John testing the unit, Completed unit.

RCA Radiola Speaker. This is a 1920's unit designed to be used with battery operated radios.
Photos: Robbie replacing speaker grill cloth.

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