Texas Recycles Day, 2004

By Chad Hauris: Updated 8/8/05

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In 2003, I heard that Keep Midland Beautiful was having a recyling day for old electronic equipment and asked if I could collect the old home entertainment equipment for re-use, and they agreed. Last year I got a large amount of equipment that I have been restoring and using in my collection at home, and in our shop. This fits in with our mission of historical preservation and reducing waste of electronic equipment.

In 2004, Texas Recycles Day was November 13 at Midland College. Different stations were set up to recycle different products, including phone books, batteries, paint, computers, tires, and my station, TV's and other electronics. Even though the weather was a miserable cold rain, there was a fairly large turnout.

Chad and Retro Truck with TV.

Here I have on my rain poncho and hat with one of the TV's. We used a tarp on top of the truck to help keep the equipment dry as it was collected. 

John Southwell helped out as well with the recycling effort, and City of Midland employees also helped. Pictured here is some of the City workers. Anything that was not re-useable, such as old picture tubes, was sent to the dumpster for proper disposal. On items that did not look like they could be restored as a whole unit, we salvaged all the reuseable parts such as circuit boards, power cords, speakers, and knobs. 

Chad and City of Midland employees.

John and I drove the trucks loaded with recyclables back to the shop to let them dry out! We have begun evaluating the items and have found some good equipment for our collection, plus we have already been using good reclaimed parts in repairs. Here is the truck in the garage as the wet TV's are drying out. 

Recycled TV's in truck.

The 1-ton Dodge Van was loaded up with TV's...I drove it home to the carport and have been unloading and repairing TV's.

Van loaded with TV's

Here are some of the TV's being tested at the shop. Larger images of the TV's can be viewed on our TV page


We would like to thank Keep Midland Beautiful for allowing us to participate in Texas Recycles Day.

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