Rockola "Ultra" model 437 Repair Journal and Photos
By Chad Hauris, Retro Electronics and Audio Lab, Midland, TX. 4/6/07, updated 5/11/07

This Rockola Ultra is from 1967 and came from a pretty rough bar! The current owners bought it from a bar where a brawl took place and the glass was broken! The woofer panel also was in pretty bad shape as both of the attaching hinges were broken. We got it as a referral from Jordan Amusements as they specialize in the more modern Rockola CD jukeboxes.

Rockola Ultra jukebox at Jordan Amusement.

Here is the Ultra being bicked up from Jordan Amusements in Midland.

Rockola Ultra before repairs.

Here is the Ultra in as-received condition.

Rockola Ultra cabinet disassembled.

Everything was removed from the cabinet for reconditioning.

Rockola Ultra amplifier before repairs.
Rockola Ultra amplifier before repairs. We tested ESR on the capacitors and we were getting some bad readings so we replaced all of the capacitors in the unit.

Rockola Ultra amp with new capacitors.
New capacitors in the amp.

Replacing capacitors in the Rockola Ultra phono preamp.
Rockola Ultra phono preamp with old capacitors. This unit was very difficult to disassemble/reassemble!

New capacitors in Rockola Ultra preamp.
New capacitors in preamp.

Rockola Ultra mechanism on service bench.
Rockola Ultra mechanism on the service bench for cleaning and degreasing.

Underside of Rockola Ultra mechanism.
Underside of the mechanism.

Rockola Ultra lamp testing.
Testing the upper fluorescent lamp. All fluorescent ballasts were replaced.

Replacing capacitors in the Rockola Ultra mechanism.
Replacing the old electrolytic capacitor in the mechanism control box.

Testing the Rockola Ultra mechanism.
Testing the mechanism. When first tested, it did not work properly, but it turns out someone had mixed up the wires on the microswitches at the rear of the mechanism and we were able to rewire it properly according to the schematic diagram. The mechanism then worked well.

Record playing on the Rockola Ultra.
Record playing on the turntable. We replaced the wiring to the phono cartridge as there were some intermittent connections.

More photos to come!

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