Rockola Jukebox Photos and Repair Journals

by Chad Hauris, Retro Electronics and Audio Lab, Midland, Texas. 

Updated 5/26/07

1967 Rockola "Ultra" Model 437 Repair Journal and Photos (April 2007)

1969 Rockola 440 Repair Journal and Photos (Feb. 2007)

Mid 1960's Rockola Starlet. Read illustrated repair journal (May 2007).

Early 1970's Rockola 444
. This machine was blowing the mech fuse and binding up...we found a lot of old grease in the mechanism and degreased it with Gumout carburetor cleaner. We followed up the cleaning with LPS-1 and then light turbine oil and Phonolube phono grease. Also we needed to repair the tone arm cam which had been deformed due to a mechanism jam. The cancel coils for canceling selections from the memory bank as they play are common trouble spots on these machines, as a mechanism jam may cause the coil to stay on constantly, burning it out. We replaced one of the cancel coils, and also replaced the turntable motor grommets.

Photos: Rockola 444 on the truck, Degreasing the Rockola 444, Rockola 444 Mechanism, Rockola 444 Operational, Rockola 444 In the dark

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