Roseland Theater, Pana, Illinois

Updated 11/30/06, by John Southwell & Chad Hauris
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Roseland Theater at Night

The Roseland Theater opened in 1941 and is still operating as a movie theater today. These pictures were taken in Dec. 2004, when the theater was playing the animated feature "The Polar Express".

Daytime View of Roseland Theater
Daytime view of the theater. Extra-large view

Projectionist Bill Horton with carbon-arc lamp

Projectionist Bill Horton has worked at the theater since the 1950's. 

John changing letters on the Roseland Theatre marquee.

John changing letters on the Roseland marquee.

Rose painting in the Roseland Theatre.

Rose painting at the auditorium exit.

Pictures of the inside of the theater

Projection booth.

Roseland Theatre Booth Page 2

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