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Updated 12/1/06

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Carbon-arc rectifier.

The carbon arc lamps use a selenium rectifier to convert AC to the low voltage, high current DC used by the arc.

Rewind bench.

This is the rewind bench and film storage rack. Each reel of film holds around 20 minutes...the entire movie is shown by changing back and forth between the 2 projectors. 35 millimeter projectors do not have a rewind feature like home-type projectors do, so the film must be rewound in the octagonal-shaped machine. The cover lifts off to load the reels, and a motor rewinds the film. The machine is covered because it dates from the days of nitrate film, which was extremely flammable. The covers would prevent a fire from getting out of hand if the film ignited. 

Carbon rods and tools.

Here are the carbon rods burned in the projector and tools used to install the rods in the lamphouse. The arc is lit by touching the rods together, and then a motor helps maintain the arc gap as the rods burn. Each set of arc rods will last a maximum of about 50 minutes before a new set needs to be installed.

OLd carbon-arc lamphouse at Roseland Theatre.
Some old equipment including a carbon lamphouse and RCA amp. John was able to get the amp and we are now restoring it.

RCA theatre equalizer.
RCA Audio equalizer and other old equipment in a storage room at the Roseland.

RCA Theatre Amp
Close up of the RCA Amp. Read the story of the Amp Restoration.

Field coil speaker at the Roseland Theatre
Field Coil Speaker at the Roseland.

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