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Updated 1/12/08

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YouTube Video #1 Tour of Retro Electronics (Dec. 2007) Click this link to go to the video if the image does not appear on the screen.

In this video you can see the main shop area of Retro Electronics, with the Seeburg 2A3 amplifier and the RCA 45 RPM changer operating.

Chad repairing the fluorescent ballast and wiring in tube tester, 8/15/05:
Old ballast  Chad working on tube tester

New ballast and wiring in tester

New Tube Shelf, 7/2/05

Shop photos 5/1/05: Workbench 1  Workbench 2  Tool Storage Rack area  Looking towards south wall
Rowe jukebox and other items on equipment display area  North wall of shop with John 
Repaired equipment ready to be picked up

Quietrole Tuner Cleaner We found this in the Heathkit TV we got.

An amazing wall of parts of all kinds for electronic equipment!

Rear Garage Bay with John, 4/17/05

Garage bay 1, taken on 4/17/05. View 1  View 2

Robbie entering data into the computer.

Outside of the shop in the fog, 11/21/04

Views in the first garage area: View 1, View 2

Inside view of the shop: looking at the east wall of audio components. Inside View on 11/21/04

Looking into the shop from the garage

Inside the garage with the truck This is the second garage bay. View 2

Parts storage closet: View 1 View 2 View 3

Tube Tester

Workbench with some projects in progress.

Tube Amp Storage Area


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