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Updated 11/21/06

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Mid 1930's Silvertone Model 1904 Repair Journal (November 2006)

Late 1930's Silvertone Radio Repair Journal (Sept. 2006)

Mid 1960's Silvertone solid state radio/phono console. (Sept. 2005) This unit was only playing on one channel. We found that there was a bad transistor in the amp and also corroded contacts in the switches leading to this problem. Also the turntable will need repairs to fix a grinding noise from the idler wheel.

John testing the tuner.  Testing tuner and amp on the bench.  Bench testing, view 2.  Radio dial.  John working on the amp.

Chad testing the amp.  Testing the amp in the console.

Silvertone 1960's radio chassis. This unit is in pretty bad shape...we probably will just salvage out the parts and dial glass. It sat in a wet area for a long time.

Late 1940's Silvertone Console Radio/Phono.
This unit has a 78 RPM only phono and AM and Shortwave radio. We have replaced all capacitors on the radio chassis and it is working well. We repaired the speaker, added a new phono cartridge, phono drive wheel and phono power cord, and repaired the tuning control shaft.

Photos: Cabinet before restoration. Chassis with old capacitors. Chassis with new capacitors.

Turntable top view with platter removed. Underside of turntable. Top of chassis.

Rear of cabinet with components repaired and re-installed. Closeup of installed chassis.  Turntable re-installed in drawer.

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