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Including people, special events, historical photos, and other worthwhile photos that don't fit into other categories.

Chrysler Highway Hi-Fi records.  These records are 16 rpm 7" records designed for a Chrysler in-car record player of the late 1950's; we found them in a box of 45 rpm records we bought. Chrysler claimed a playing time of around an hour per record. The grooves are finer than a standard record...it looks somewhat like a CED videodisc. We have got the records to play on a Talking Book record player.

Record Pictures: The First Drama Quartet presents "Don Juan In Hell" (spoken drama).

                             The Columbia Album of Richard Rodgers (Andre Kostelanetz Orch.)

Highway Hi-Fi links: General information  List of records

International Harvester spray paint and Shinola shoe polish. We found these old items at an estate sale. They are probably from the 40's or 50's. The spray can doesn't seem to work.

1940's Tackle Box with fishing tackle, advertising matches, and insect repellent.

Recent tube acquisition: from the Radio Shack store in Lamesa, TX.  Tubes view 1  Tubes view 2  Tubes view 3
Tubes view 4
  Tubes view 5  Tubes view 6

The Juke Warehouse  In Midland: Has a large collection of jukebox parts. Steve Elder at jukebox barn. 
Junk Seeburg mechanism.  Salavged Seeburg mechanisms.  Salvaged tube juke amps. Jukebox barn view 1.
Jukebox barn view 2.

Bowl full of tubes.

U-Test-'M Tube Tester.

Disk-go-case 45 RPM record cases filled with records.

Rusty tubes this is why you shouldn't store tubes in a wet area in a can! We found these in a barn. 
Cleaning the rusty tubes with C.L.R.

John Southwell and Jean Call  Jean call is a long-time resident of Midland and one of our best customers.

Chad in Top Hat: I have always liked old-fashioned clothes such as top hats: Here I am trying one on at a local antiques and vintage clothing store, the Cat's Meow. Pictures: Chad in Top Hat 1  Chad in Top Hat 2  Chad in Top Hat 3

Chad and Gregory at Spanish Inn This was taken on a trip to pick up TV's and other equipment from the M&M electronics shop in Snyder. The Spanish Inn in Big Spring has great Mexican food.

Union Pacific Caboose on Town Square in Pecos, Texas

Chad in the Barn This is kind of a mess now, but organization is coming slowly but surely.

KOCV, Permian Basin Public Radio, 91.3 FM, Odessa, TX. This station provides a variety of local programming, plus NPR and American Public Media programs to the Odessa/Midland TX. Area. Almost all of the money to operate the station comes from listeners' voluntary contributions. It is among the oldest FM stations in the area, having been founded in 1963. KOCV FM Control Room, KOCV FM Main Control Board, KOCV FM Production Room, KOCV FM Satellite Receivers,  Link to KOCV Website

KJBC control room with Keith Ward: KJBC, 1150 AM, was Midland's second oldest radio station (KCRS AM was the first), founded in the 1940's. Keith worked for KJBC from 1949 until the station was sold in 2000. In the picture, Keith is preparing for the "Old-Time Records Show". KJBC had at one time a lot of 78 rpm records that were played on the air. The new owners are running the station with a religious format "Radio for Your Soul". They have installed all new broadcast equipment, but we are working with the station to set up their old equipment at Retro, including the turntables and audio boards, for our own audio production room, re-creating the old KJBC control room.

Jim Humphrey has an extensive historical knowledge of Midland and has a Honda motorcycle with sidecar. Here, Chad and John appear in the sidecar with Jim. John and Jim with cycle, Chad and Jim with cycle.

M & M Electronics, Snyder, TX This photo is of John Southwell, Leroy Thrower, and Chad Hauris, taken in 2004. Leroy is the owner of M & M and has worked with the shop since at least the 1960's.

Smitty's Radio Lab Photo of John Southwell and Henry Pudlo. Henry owned Smitty's Radio Lab, which was founded in 1955. It was at Thomason and Wall Street in Midland. Unfortunately, Henry passed away several years ago.

Smitty's Radio Lab: Large View (3 Meg.)

West Texas Electronics, Midland TX This is one of Midlands oldest electronic distributor businesses. Ed the owner has a great selection of NOS tubes and other hard to find electronic and audio items.

Other pictures of West Texas Electronics: Tubes, Ed at work, Other merchandise

Looking north up Marienfeld street toward the "Tall City" of Midland View 1 View 2

The Blue Star Inn is a restaurant that has been in operation in Midland since 1953. One of the best items is the Charcoal Cheeseburger. Blue Star Inn Sign: There used to be more neon on the sign. Front of the Blue Star Inn

Retro Neon Motel Sign This is the sign of the Midland Inn at Front and Wall streets in Midland.