Stanton, Texas Old Sorehead Trade Days, Oct. 8, 2005
a photo essay by Chad Hauris, 10/8/05

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What great weather for the trade days! It was about 80 degrees and sunny today...pleasantly warm but not oppresively hot for walking. There was a huge crowd at the trade days today enjoying the event. Please click the pictures for larger views.
This first page includes historical buldings in Stanton,. page 2 will showcase vendors' wares for sale, and page 3 will include food vendors and carnival events. Also, here are photos of my April 2005 visit to the trade days.

1978 Grand Marquis
My 1978 Grand Marquis back at the trade days.

4-H Headquarters.
Trade days headquarters at the 4-H and an antique vendor.

Antique shop on main st.
Antique shop on the main street.

Stanton Church of Christ
Stanton Church of Christ.

First U.M.C. of Stanton
First United Methodist Church of Stanton.

Texas Theater
Old Texas Theatre in Stanton. This is now a private residence with bedrooms in the office area and a game room in the auditorium including an indoor swimming pool! All of the original projection equipment is still installed in the booth.

White Motor Co. Stanton
White Motor Co. a Ford dealer since the late 1940's. (Rear of building)

Old Gas station.
Old gas station.

Railroad Tracks.
Railroad Tracks in Stanton. Parking is located across the tracks.

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April 2005 Photo Essay of Trade Days

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