New Recording and Audio Production Studio at Retro Electronics
by Chad Hauris, 9/26/05

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In September, 2005 Retro Electronics purchased a new building at 204 South B Street in Midland. This is in addition to the current Retro Lab and will also house other new business ventures along with a complete audio production studio featuring vintage broadcast equipment. Click the pictures for larger views.

Front of building with Retro truck.
Front of the building with the Retro truck.

Side of building.
Car port at the side of the building.

Old sign.
What began as a Property Tax Consultants office will transform into one of the largest functioning collections of broadcast equipment and records anywhere, and then some! Plans also call for the building to headquarter other business ventures including geological research, and a concessionaire's trailer for food vending.

Front foyer.
Here is the building's foyer. Some of the new features to be installed may be a fish tank and artwork.

Control room
This office will be the control room for the audio production studio.

Office 2.
Office 1.

Office 3.
Office 3.

Geological research office.
This office will be for geological research. You can see a map has already been put in place.

Geoscience alcove.
Here are the storage cabinets and an alcove in the geoscience office.


Recording studio.
Recording studio with its first pieces of equipment in place...the Gulbransen upright piano and Ampex radio-phono console.

John in the storage area.
Here is John in the future record storage area.

Record cabinet.
We have already put some records in the record cabinets.

Ladies restroom.
Ladies' restroom.

Men's room.
Men's restroom. There is also a shower in the men's room.

Kitchen area.
Kitchen and wet bar area in the recording studio.

Drinking fountain.
SUNROC drinking fountain. The drinking fountain will be relocated to the recording studio as there is a problem with the drain line under the slab to the fountain. Also an RO unit will be installed to supply good tasting water to the fountain.
Drinking fountain closeup view.

Fire extinguisher.
General triplex dry chemical fire extinguisher.

Pictures of moving the piano into the studio.

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