B Street Studio Construction And Remodeling:
General Construction
By Chad Hauris,
B Street Studios, Midland, TX. 12/3/05, Updated 12/26/05

John at bar under construction.
John at the bar under construction in the studio.

Asphalt pavement repair.
Patching the asphalt in the carport after new gas line installation, Oct. 2005.

Desk in geoscience office.
Desk and credenza in geoscience office, Oct. 2005.

Sump pump.
Sump pump to drain water from bar sink. Oct. 2005.

Foyer, Oct. 2005.

Round fan.
Floor fan in studio before bar construction, Oct. 2005.

Turntables in front room.
KBJC turtables in front office before installation.

Construction in studio.
Construction in studio.

Hallway under construction.
Hallway during construction.

John and Robbie with B street sign.
John and Robbie installing the B Street Studios sign.

John and Robbie with B street sign.
John and Robbie with B Street sign installed.

Robert the carpenter installing bar top.
Robert the carpenter works on installing the bar top.

Bar construction.
Bar, under construction in the main studio.

Robert working on bar.
More carpentry work in the studio.

Turntables in front office.
Turntables in front office before installation in control room.

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