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Capehart 1950's 24" Black and White TV. Read complete illustrated story.

RCA CTC-30 Tube Type Color TV from 1968. Read complete illustrated story.

1950's Zenith B/W console. We found this set at an estate sale. Sound seems to work but there is no picture.

1979 RCA 25" Color Set with On-Screen Display

Early 1960's RCA CTC-11 Round Color Set. This set has remote control and does display a raster but will need some work. Photos: Chad with CTC-11.   Front View

RCA 1950's 8 Inch Tube Type B/w TV

Early 1970's Sears Tube Type Portable Color TV

1967 Heathkit GR-295 TV. This TV works but is showing some PVA deterioration in the CRT.
Pictures: Front of set, on dolly  Control Panel  Rear of set

1966 General Electric Porta-Color.  We replaced some paper capacitors in this set, and it is working fairly well, although we need to work on the focus a little. Pictures: Chassis view with new capacitors, Front view with flash picture, Front View showing screen, no flash.

Late 1980's Magnavox 27" TV This set had a bad capacitor which John found with the ESR meter. John with bad capacitor.

1996 JVC TV repair This JVC had bad solder joints.

1996 JVC Working This set has picture-in-picture.

Chad with the ESR meter This is the first time we have used the ESR meter…we are working on a 1996 JVC TV.

1963 Zenith Round-Tube Color Set This is an example of the renowned quality of Zenith. It only needed a new RF amplifier tube in the tuner and some adjustments to the color convergence to display a great picture.

1964 Wards Airline Round Color Set This set needed some extensive restoration. A new Picture Tube was installed, along with repairs to the power supply and color circuits.

1955 GE Black and White Console Set This set received another complete restoration including a new picture tube, all new capacitors, and several new tubes.

1974 RCA Lyceum TV This is a model of black and white TV used in schools. It is a tube type and has many audio and video input and output jacks. It only needed the controls cleaned to work again.

1973 RCA CTC-48 Color Set This is an early RCA solid state color set. The exact same cabinet style was also offered as a tube type at a lower price. This set was modified to defeat the energy-wasting "instant-on" circuit.

1975 Sony Trinitron This is a set made for schools or libraries that has external video and audio inputs.

Late 1960's Sony Trinitron This is similar to Sony's first color set, but has some special additions, including a UHF tuner with 6 presets which you can program with the fine tuning knob, and video and audio input and output jacks.This set uses a 3AT2 HV rectifier tube but is otherwise solid state.

1970's Zenith Chromacolor II This is an early-mid 70's model...still has a great picture!

Late 1950's Curtis Mathes Console This is a monstrous mega-console that I bought for my own collection. It has a 23" B/W TV, Record Player, and AM/FM radio. Currently the TV CRT works but there is no sound from TV or FM radio. Will need to do some repair work, but it is basically in good condition.

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