Wurlitzer 1100 Jukebox  Repair Journal
By Chad Hauris, Retro Electronics and Audio Lab, Midland, TX. 10/29/05, revised 2/3/06

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The Wurlitzer 1100 is one of the most beautifully designed jukeboxes out there, made from around 1947-1948. It is, however, mechanically complex and requires proper cleaning and lubrication to function well.
This 1100 had been cosmetically restored, but there were a lot of functional problems lurking under the beautiful exterior. Please click on the photos for larger views.
w-1100 before repairs.
Unit as received, before repairs.

Wurlitzer 1100 front panel
The front panel swings out, and there is another hinged panel for the speaker and coin unit.


Selection coils
Here are the selection coils. When a button is pushed for a selection, one of the coil solenoids pushes out a pin. There is also a "wobble plate" in the middle of the mechanism that tilts when any coil is activated. This activates the "override switch" which is a microswitch under the plastic cover that starts up the motor to begin the selection cycle. The mechanism scans until the crank arm hits the pushed-out pin, then the transfer cycle begins. The operation of this memory unit is very similar to that of the later model Wurlitzers, only they have more coils or a motor to move the selection coil to the appropriate pin.

Selection buttons.
This is the selection button and title strip unit. There is an 8X3 matrix on the buttons giving 24 selections. Each time the center button is pushed, the title strips rotate to the next group of 8, and a switch moves the selection buttons from "1-8" to "9-16", etc. We will discuss this mechanism in greater detail on the next page.

To begin our assessment of the W-1100's condition, we checked out the amp. It appeared that someone had replaced some of the capacitors, but some of the old ones were still connected.
Amp in cabinet, before repairs.
Here is the amp in the cabinet, before repairs.

Underside of amp chassis before repairs.
Amp on the bench, before repairs.

Amp after repairs.
Here is the amp, after all old capacitors had been replaced with new.

Cobra phono preamp.
The Cobra phono preamp is in a small case next to the amp: the dome is a shielding cover over the tube.

Inside the preamp.
The old capacitors in the preamp had been already replaced recently, so we left it alone.

We also installed new 6L6 and 5U4 tubes in the amp. After the amp had been checked out, the unit appeared ready for an initial test.
Testing for the first time.

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