Wurlitzer 2600 Jukebox Repair Journal and Photos
by Chad Hauris, Retro Electronics and Audio Lab, Midland, TX. 2/4/06, Updated 2/16/06

This Wurlitzer 2600 had poor sound quality and selection problems when it came in. We installed an Audio Technica AT-70 magnetic cartridge and preamp, replaced all capacitors in the amp, and replaced a bad resistor. A bad 7199 tube was replaced, and we replaced the 12AU7 tubes with 12AV7's to provide more gain, improving the bass response.

We replaced the power cord, fluorescent ballasts and lighting cords and all capacitors in the junction box, cleaned and relubricated the mechanism.
The selection problem was that the number coil would not release once the selection was made, thus jamming up the mechanism and not allowing any more selections once the first was made. Cleaning and re-lubricating the selection ring mechanism and replacing the capacitors in the junction box solved the problem.

Wurlitzer 2600 jukebox, top open.
Top open, during repairs.

Wurlitzer 2600 front grille during repairs.
Front panel open, installing repaired fluorescent lamp sockets.

Replacing capacitors in the amp.
Replacing capacitors in the amp (top view).

Underside of amp before repairs.
Underside of amp before repairs.

New capacitors in Wurlitzer 2600 amp.
New capacitors in amp.

New capacitors on circuit board, top view of Wurlitzer 2600 amp.
New capacitors on top of amp.

Wurlitzer 2600 junction box before repairs.
Underside of junction box before repairs.

Wurlitzer 2600 junction box after repairs.
Underside of junction box after repairs.

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