Wurlitzer 3000 Jukebox Repair Journal
by Chad Hauris, Retro Electronics and Audio Lab, Midland, TX. 12/31/05

This Wurlitzer 3000 was in very good condition, having operated for the last 25 years in a home. It was having hum in the audio and had brittle wiring on the fluorescent ballasts so we removed just the amp and ballasts to take to the shop for repairs.

Replacing capacitors in the Wurlitzer 3000 amp.
Replacing capacitors in the amp. All electrolytic and paper caps were replaced.

Finished Wurlitzer 3000 amp.
Finished amp.

Top of amp after repairs.
Top of amp after repairs. All electrolytic caps were replaced on the circuit board.

Circuit board before capacitor replacement.
Circuit board before repairs.

Control chassis before repairs.
Control unit before repairs.

John working on control unit.
John working on the control unit.

Control unit after repairs.
Control unit after repairs.

Chad working on ballasts.
Chad working on the fluorescent ballasts.

New ballasts installed.
New ballasts installed on ballast rail.

httWurlitzer 3000 bottom part of cabinet.
John re-installing the amp in the Wurlitzer 3000.

Rear of Wurlitzer 3000 mech.
Rear of Wurlitzer 3000 mechanism. We lubricated the mechanism where necessary. Note the great condition.

Front of Wurlitzer 3000 mechanism.
Front of mechanism.

Testing the completed unit.
Testing the Wurlitzer 3000.

Finished Wurlitzer 3000.
Completed Wurlitzer 3000.

Wurlitzer 3000 maker's plate.
Wurlitzer 3000 maker's plate.

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