Wurlitzer 3300 Americana III Jukebox Repair Journal and Photos
by Chad Hauris, Retro Electronics and Audio Lab, Midland, TX. 2/16/06, Updated 6/20/06

The Wurlitzer 3300 Americana III was the last model of the original American Wurlitzer Co. to use the traditional Wurlitzer mechanism and selection system. The next model (Statesman 3400) used the Wurlamatic system which picked the record from the carousel with a gripper arm like on a Rockola or Rowe and played it flat. The Wurlamatic system encountered trouble when it was first introduced and much money was lost by the company on repairs. Some people think it was this 3400 mechanism that led to the demise of Wurlitzer in N. Tonawanda N.Y. later in the 1970's. I think the vertical record playing system was the best system Wurlitzer used.

We have received notice of the Wurlitzer Lyric of 1975 which did return to the traditional vertical Wurlitzer mechanism. Thanks to that contributor for pointing it out as we have not had to work on one...That model I believe was built by the German Wurlitzer Co. 

This 3300 basically worked when it came in but needed some freshening up such as new ballasts and power cord and a cleaning and lubrication. We cleaned, lubricated, and adjusted the mechanism as it was running at 33 rpm and not staying at 45.

Please click on the photos for larger views.

Wurlitzer 3300 front view before repairs.
Front view with lid open before repairs.

Wurlitzer 3300 mechanism before repairs.
Rear view before repairs.

Wurlitzer 3300 amp before repairs.
Amp before repairs. We replaced the electrolytic and paper capacitors, restoring good power and bass response to the amp.

Replacing capacitors in the amp.
Replacing caps in the amp.

New fluorescent ballast.
We replaced the old ballasts with a new electronic ballast and used washers to space it out from the cabinet for proper cooling. We replaced the power cord to the ballast and added a 3 amp fuse. Also, we replaced the cord to the "day-to-night" animation motor and replaced the belt to get the display working again.

Front view of Wurlitzer Americana 3300.
Front view with lid closed.

Top panel of Wurlitzer 3300.
Top panel. The motor system in the top moves a diffuser slowly in and out over the fluorescent bulb, giving the city scene a night-to-day effect.

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