West Building facilities
By Chad Hauris, Retro Electronics and Audio Lab, Midland, TX. 3/6/07, updated 3/27/07

In late February 2007 I was able to lease some office space in the West Building in downtown Midland. This will give a much-needed facilities expansion for the collection of retro electronic equipment I have in the barn at home. Much of it has been inaccessible for years because it was just packed into stacks and covered with tarps.
I've always had interest in downtown Midland's historic buildings and now am really enjoying being part of one.

West Building exterior, Midland Texas.
Exterior of the West Building. The building was built in 1952 and has been continuously maintained. It is one of the few office buildings from this time period in Midland still in active use.

West building stairs.
Stairway of the West Building. The main entrance leads directly to the stairs and the main part of the building is on the 2nd floor. The 1st floor is mostly used for records storage.

West Building hallway.
Hallway of the West Building.

West building office #1.
Here is the interior view of room #1. The office consists of one large and two smaller rooms.

West building lab.
This is the second room which will be the repair lab area.

Looking into the third room of the office.
In the lab area, looking toward the third room.

Room #3
The third room. The only real flaws with the office are paint which was spilled on the floor in the second two rooms. 

Beginning to add furniture to the West building office.
Beginning to add equipment to the office.

West Building music room.
West building music room with curtains and some equipment installed.

Equipment shelf in the lab area.
Equipment shelf in the lab area.

Main office area at the West Building.
Main room in the West Building with more furnishings.

Chad at the West Building office.
Chad in the main room.

Gregory playing folding pump organ.
Gregory playing the folding pump organ in the music room. This organ is a reed organ which folds up into a trunk-like case and was designed for playing at outdoor, traveling events such as tent revivals in the early 1900's. We got it at an antique shop in Sudan, Texas.

Chad playing Wurlitzer Electric Piano.
Chad playing the Wurlitzer Electric Piano.

Radio shelf.
Radio shelf in the main room.

More photos to come!

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