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Updated 10/15/05
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1940's Zenith Console with 45 Mhz. FM band. In the early 1940's the FM radio band was in the 42-49 mhz. band. It was not until post WW2 that it was standardized to our current 88-108 mhz. band. This radio has both the 42 and 88 mhz bands as it was built during the transition from one band to the other. In the modern day, you can pick up baby monitors, older cordless phones, walkie-talkies, etc. on the 42-49 mhz band.
We tested this unit on the short check lamp but it failed the test...new capacitors are definitely needed.
This unit has a 78 rpm phono with Cobra cartridge and we have removed the phono for repairs.
Pictures: Cabinet front view.  Dial before repairs.

Late 1940's Zenith Radio/Phono. Robbie found this at an estate sale in Aug. 2005. Have not begun restoration yet. Has 78-rpm only phono.
Pictures: Front View  Close Up

1937 Zenith Radio Chassis and Speaker, Model 6B164:  This unit  needed new capacitors and wiring repairs. This was originally a battery-vibrator set and was modified to have an 84 rectifier mounted above the chassis. We have installed a new tube socket in the chassis and will use a 5Y3 in it, as it appears the rectifier filament winding is 5 volts.

We disassembled the power transformer and re-insulated all the wires with heat shrink tubing. For some reason, this radio uses 2 tubes which have 2 volt filaments (type 15) and the rest are 6 volt. We re-wired the filament leads to the correct tubes and hooked up the 5Y3. We completely re-did the power supply wiring and replaced all capacitors. The Vector turret type tube socket really came in handy on the 5Y3.

All old rubber wiring was replaced, and a new power cord and 1 amp fuse were added. The radio appears to work great now. We replaced the leather dial belt and replaced some old wiring to the speaker.

Pictures:  Chassis and speaker.  Repairing power transformer wiring with heat shrink tubing: Photo 1  Photo 2

Old rectifier tube socket mounted above the chassis.  Underside of chassis before repairs.

New capacitors and wiring installed. Testing the chassis, view 1.  Testing the chassis, view 2.  Completed rear view.

The radio's owner did an outstanding job on refinisihing the cabinet himself. It was his great-grandparents in law's radio and they used it with a Wincharger wind generator. Here is a picture of the radio, before and after restoration.

1968 Zenith Console Radio/Phono. 
We had to clean the controls and rejuvenate the phono drive wheel, and install a new stylus. We also added a small CD player and connected it into the auxiliary input. A concealed hole was drilled for the CD cables.
Pictures: Side view showing CD player.  Top front view of console.  Hole drilled for cables.

1950's Zenith Console Radio/Phono. We bought this unit for the shop: it has a Cobra cartridge and a tube-type amp and tuner...works very well. It uses seperate power transformers for the tuner and amp.
Pictures: Rear view  Open top of console

1960's Zenith Console Radio/Phono. We traveled to Pecos, TX. to repair this unit. It needed new electrolytic capacitors and repairs to the turntable.
Photos: Tool Kits loaded up in van.
John and Chad working on radio chassis. Chad and radio owner Doug Fernandes. Chad at the Pecos Radio Shack.

Replacing capacitors in the Zenith chassis. Finished Zenith console.

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